Pouch for Tristan

At Great Northern War 2011, I entered the Powerful Owl Fighter Auction and was bought by Lord Tristan of Moralez-Beaumont. The promisary I offered for this auction was a handmade pouch.

Tristan did not have any personal heraldry at the time, and so I settled on making a pouch using his favourite colour (red or orange, he said) and a motif from his shield.

I used Tristan's shield design in lieu of personal heraldry.

I used Tristan’s shield design in lieu of personal heraldry.

The pouch is not made in a particular style. It is a generic, medieval-style pouch. The non-embroidery elements of the pouch are similar to those found in Elizabethan Sweet Bags, i.e. the woven cords, tassels and decorated beads are similar to those seen in sweet bags.

Tristan's pouch, completed by Ceara.

Tristan’s pouch, completed by Ceara.

The pouch is made of red linen, lined with white linen. It is hand stitched together using silk thread. The eyelets were also hand-sewn in silk thread. The birds on the lid, a simplified copy of the birds on Tristan’s shield, are embroidered in silk thread in chain stitch.

The tassels are made of cotton. I would have preferred to have used silk, however, had none available at the time and had to settle. The decorated beads have a wooden core wrapped in silk threads. These were made using the spined thread woven button method outlined in my ‘A&S Classes’ section on ‘Thread Woven Buttons’.

The cords used for closing the bag, and for the side decoration/hanging-strap, were luceted by me. They are made of the same cotton thread as the tassels.

Due to 2012 being a crazy busy year, I wasn’t able to finish the pouch by the following Great Northern War (which is when I would have preferred to have handed over the finished pouch). BUT – I did get it to him well before GNW 2013 so it wasn’t so bad 🙂 I think he liked it, too.

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